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Jill Wyckoff is an encounter artist, storyteller, international trainer, and speaker who uses the arts and the written word to encounter people with God's love, truth, and power. She is co-founder and Vice President of Kingdom Creativity International, a nonprofit organization that encourages, equips, and empowers Christians to discover and express their unique creative identity for the purpose of reaching more people for Christ. She is also the Assistant Director of Kingdom Writers Association (KWA), providing online and local communities across the U.S. and beyond to encourage, equip, and empower Christian writers to publish their work.

What if the seeds you sowed produced something never seen or experienced before? What would you sow?


Jill works with Christian and secular organizations to awaken individuals to their greater potential. She does this through creativity coaching, creative awakening retreats, and customized workshops. 

Jill is passionate about sharing Biblical truth. Her heart's desire is to see people embrace the revelation of God's word, be transformed by it, and walk it out in their own lives. Her personal journey has taken her from dark seasons of devastation and self-destruction to the light of Christ and awakening to the truth of her original design. She is dedicated to seeing others experience their own breakthroughs. Her testimony can be found in her creative nonfiction work, Once Upon a Backpack:  Innocence shattered, dreams destroyed, and the encounter that changed everything.
Jill’s second book, Supernatural Creativity: Creating with God for Restorative Impact, is an essential read for anyone who is wondering, "Can God use creativity to bring restoration to individuals and our society as a whole? And can He do this through  me?" This supernatural creativity masterclass will take readers on a step-by-step journey of life-changing discovery that will launch them into their creative destiny with the Master Creator.

Currently, Jill and her husband, Brae, travel the U.S. extensively, mustering and training God’s army of creatives. Her ebook, The Bride in Combat Boots: A Call to Arms for the 21st Century Bride of Christ, helps creatives understand and respond to this call of God for such a time as this.


Jill's latest release, Qualifying the Unqualified: No Excuse Pursuit of Destiny obliterates the lies that hold people back in every area of their lives and sets them free to walk in their true design and destiny.

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