Exuberant, jubilant


She jumped in with both feet




How could she know


that life would give her 


one blow


after another


till she,


by her own will,


bowed to defeat.




her great awakening.

“True confessions:  As long as I can remember there have been two opposing voices in my head. You know, the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other like you see in cartoons. One voice whispered truth, and the other screamed lies—One tried to build me up, the other worked like a devil to tear me down. And wouldn’t you know it, that’s the one I gravitated towards; a hopeless perversion of truth that twisted my thinking and became my reality. I’m not sure why I always listened to that voice. I guess after a while it was just easier to believe the bad than it was to believe anything good.”


In this gripping true-life tale, Jill Wyckoff reveals a very personal account of a girl who journeys from innocence to destruction as she lives out the lies she believes about herself. Unexpectedly, in the midst of desperation, grief, and incredible loss, The Girl has a stunning encounter that changes her life. Awakened to the truth, she begins a process of discovery that leads to transformation.

Wyckoff captivates the reader through an artistic weave of emotionally charged poetry, verse, narration, and first-person story-telling. Once Upon a Backpack compels us to look at the lies we’ve been believing about ourselves and dares us to step into our own awakening.


"This book will take the shattered soul and bathe it in comforting hope. Sometimes life appears to be so frail until frailty meets its match. Gently peeling back the layers of numbness this story whispers hope back to the hearts who have longed for a different version of their destiny.” - Craig Muster, Senior Director, Awakening International


“Jill’s voice and journey still resonate with me even weeks after reading the book. This beautifully written book has allowed me to begin looking into my own backpack.” - Amazon Review

COMING in Spring 2021


Creating with God for Restorative Impact

by Jill Elizabeth Wyckoff


"Jill's voice and journey still resonates with me--even weeks after reading the book. The honesty, pain, and hope she conveys throughout her journey will inspire others to begin their own journeys. This beautifully written book has allowed me to begin looking into my own backpack."

—  Lori B.

© 2017 by JILL WYCKOFF. 

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