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Prophetic Art Workshop

Gain an understanding of how God moves supernaturally through the arts as we explore biblical foundations that reveal God's intention for creativity and his creatives. In this hands-on, highly participatory training, you will discover that He created you with your own unique expression of His heart and that you can impact the Kingdom of Heaven on earth by co-laboring with Him to release your one-of-a-kind creative expression. Whether painting, dancing, singing, writing, sculpting, crafting, business strategies, innovations, inventions, etc. whatever your creative expression, you will discover that it is your worship, your warfare, and your Super Power. 

This workshop brings new revelation of your unique identity, regardless if your focus is creative arts, raising a family, working your job, moving in ministry, etc. You will leave highly encouraged to move forward in the fullness of all God created you to be.

This is a highly interactive training with activation exercises throughout. Though we use water colors it is not a training on how to paint--It is designed for adults of all skill levels who desire to use arts (no matter what the medium) to reveal the heart of God.


Love Stories in Living Color: In this one-of-a-kind event, husbands and wives share their unique love stories with one another, creatively, through painting together on a single canvas. In an atmosphere of creativity and safety, married couples are guided through a series of reflections that bring to mind various events in their relationship. No painting experience necessary, couples express their feelings through abstract art, art that does not need to be detailed and realistic but rather expresses through color, shape and texture. Love Stories in Living Color culminates in a final painting exercise that breathes new life into each relationship and brings unity and hope.


Art, in all its many forms, breaks through barriers by bypassing the brain and going straight to the heart. In this training, we explore what it looks like to carry out the Great Commission by using a variety of art forms to encounter people with the love of Jesus, the power of the Spirit, and the heart of the Father. Whether we are using our own creative expressions or are prophesying through some else's creation, when we co-labor with the Holy Spirit, His presence and His power are manifested to bring restoration and redemption to the lost and suffering in our communities.

This is a highly interactive training with Biblical foundation and activation exercises throughout. 



This is a one-day creativity retreat for women--a full day (9am to 4:00pm) of prophetic creative activities and Holy Spirit encounters in a small, intimate setting in the hills of Vista.


With comparison and perfectionism checked at the door (absolutely no admittance), we venture into various creative expressions; writing, watercolor painting, acrylic painting, photography, etc. In collaboration with the Holy Spirit, we produce more than works of art—we produce works of heart—God's heart expressed through ours. Original, glorious, life-giving creations that bring us to a deeper awareness of God's nature and His love for us. Through a variety of media, Holy Spirit speaks to us about our identity, not just as creatives, but as His precious children. He speaks to us about our purpose, our calling, how He sees us, what He has for us in this season for such a time as this. This is a retreat that will result in an advance in the lives of each participant.


Personalized retreats are also available as well as workshops customized for your personal/corporate/church retreats. Please contact me for arrangements.



What I offer is not about me--it's about a movement--it's about advancing the Kingdom. To that end, I've written curriculum and can provide training to you or your group so that you can keep the movement going and growing in your area. Let's do this together and see greater impact! 


"During your workshop, you did an amazing job of helping usher in the Presence of God.  I had this amazing feeling that I remember having when I first got saved!!  Holy Spirit was definitely the "secret sauce" that made your workshop extraordinary."  

—  Patrice R.

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