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They say that the biggest failure is success in the wrong assignment.

I know I'm meant to go all the way to the top and drop like a bomb on the mountains and the meadows testing the metal of my character against His,

taking every thought captive, actively pursuing appropriate passage

to the glorious gates of His praise while at the same time resting in His presence all my days.

Breathe Him in. Soak in the sweet fragrance of a love that can move mountains with a nod and form stars with a whisper, a love that is stronger than death, that loves me to the depth and breadth of unfathomable measure,

a love uncensored, unencumbered, unshakable, unequaled, not the essence of love but love itself,

HE IS LOVE itself!

He formed me to re form to re tell His story over and over till that glorious day when He shall appear or I shall go home and either way I am the blessed one,

because I will never forget that once I was lost and now I am found. And I am honor bound

to spread his Word His truth, His light

to lighten the path of the wayward,

lighten the load of the burdened,

light the way home to the Father who runs out to meet his son, His precious one,

the very one He delights in.

How can I know it and not show it? Now that would be a sin.

No, I am called, I am commissioned, and my mission is clear. As long as I’m here

I will not hold back, not back down, not bow down to any other God but Jesus Christ,

the One, the Only, the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords.

And as God is my witness I will witness of Him without fear.

I will confidently give a reason for the hope that I have.

I will run and not grow weary.

I will walk and not be faint.

I will soar on wings like eagles

above the fray, beyond the expected, into the possible impossibilities that exist because of Him.

This is my assignment, my calling, my purpose, my very heart’s desire.

He is my flame. I am on fire

And I will not be quenched!

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